Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Qué sera, sera - Whatever will be, will be ---

I hear that mantra of the fifties in every awful dénoument of the 2000's and cringe. Because it is so PASSIVE. We are an ACTIVE species. We take charge of events when they threaten to overpower us and we DO something about them. We are doing nothing about the criminal conspiracy that is the Bush "administration," and we are criminally complicit in everything from mass murder to felony conspiracy to defraud! Where on earth is our backbone?!!!

I am a mild-mannered citizen of a neutered nation. But I call for rebellion: loud, raucous, stentorion -- perhaps even violent -- rebellion against an administration of greed, aggrandizement and death that seeks to accomplish nothing but ultimate authority over everything and everybody. And the scariest thing? These people are not only soulless but STUPID.


Blogger Fromage de Merde said...

At least there are people like you and me, sometimes, that are writing about it! The only problem with that is that when they start coming for us all they gotta do is read!

2:12 AM  
Blogger Peg C said...

How on earth did you find me so fast, Cheese? I'm almost invisible!

2:27 AM  

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