Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Fallacious Wonderland of Amurkan "Thought"

The defect in American political thinking is the byte-driven perception that facts are episodic. Attention attaches itself to an instance and does not perceive patterns, does not anticipate consequences, NEVER admits to ominous undercurrents of patterned political behavior that flow stealthily but inexorably toward despotism and totalitarianism.

We live from bite to byte in America today, with no historic umbrella of context. Why can not the media perceive that their reporting on NOLA reveals a dark conspiracy? Because it is instance-inhibited and philosophy-challenged. Because it is bound to the particular and not to the aggregate. Because its minions are paid NOT to think in the round. This country is in desperate straits - and we the people, if government has its way, will be the last to know how irrelevant and in-the-way we are.

I have much more to say on this, but will produce THE essay later. In the meantime - blessings upon all thoughtful, loving souls in this benighted land, struggling to bear the weight of TRUTH when it has become so heavy.

I love you all.


Blogger jazzolog said...

Brilliantly perceived, Peg. The society has evolved the staggered, shattered perception of a tortured prisoner...even though we have only to turn the damned thing off!

5:47 AM  
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