Wednesday, May 11, 2005


There is a myth abroad that cats, domestic house cats, are a "natural" animal that should be allowed to pursue their "natural" agenda by predating throughout the settled and "civilized" parts of North America. This myth needs to be exploded, absolutely and immediately; because felix domesticus is one of the greatest unnatural disasters to have inflicted itself upon the North American ecosystem.

Let us begin by defining prejudices or the absence thereof. I happen to love cats. I have a cat, a supremely intelligent fellow who has decided that he cares for us and our concerns more than he yearns for cat-unaccountability and freedom from restraint.
He is not permitted outdoors, and he knows it. As much as he yearns for green grass and voles, he loves much more the absolute cherishing he receives "within the walls;" and he "turns himself in" immmediately whenever he does, by chance, get out. We adore our cat.

Neighbors' cats have devastated nesting birds on our property year after year, many of the birds representing endangered populations. It is estimated that a single free-range cat (no "fault" of his own) kills 200 songbirds per season. And felix domesticus is not a native predator. It was introduced by European settlers to control rats and mice. It was an African species, like the dog, domesticated for human expediencies, and has been a cause of devastating depredation wherever it has, sentimentally, been allowed to thrive - in feral or untended "domestic" populations.

It is time to control cats. They CANNOT be allowed to roam and kill unimpeded, while their "owners" can't be bothered to keep track of their whereabouts or change their litter-boxes. If people want to retain the priviledge of having "pets," they are going to have to accept responsibility for them. And keep them indoors.


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