Monday, February 07, 2005

Letter to John Kerry

I just sent this to John Kerry after going into sugar-shock at his sweetness-and-light website.
Please, GET A LIFE, John Kerry! We voted for you, to remove one of the greatest threats to democracy this country has ever faced: the Bush cartel. And you continue, on your site, to offer saccharine "children-first" blandishments to the public instead of hard, unrelenting opposition to the totalitarian threat this Bush ambush has become. We are ashamed of you.

If you were a man of principle rather than expediency, you would go after the election fiasco. You would investigate aggressively the 9/11 coverup. You would represent the American people against this rape of their democracy instead of hiding behind little make-nice programs that will inevitably be underfunded anyway. You would ADVOCATE FOR DEMOCRACY rather than die a sweet-natured death.

I'm ashamed of you. Stiffen up.

He'll never see it, but the anger is dissipated somewhat. What a flatulent fraud. Or is he in hiding?


Blogger cheryl said...

Hi sweetie,

I never knew you had your own blog! Good stuff.

It's becoming ever more clear than it was probably a good thing Kerry didn't *win* because he does seem like a real p***y. Since November I sure haven't heard much out of his mouth. Where, oh where is the opposition? How did Kerry beat out Dean in the first place? Fixed?

Is it possible to have a complete *re-do*? I wish.....

P.S. Hope you're *digging out* from that last storm. Here in beautiful B.C. we are experiencing gorgeous, warm spring weather.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Peg C said...

Hi yourself, Cheryl! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm still not comfortable writing Kerry's seeming acquiescence of as "going along" or gutlessness. How would it look if he raised a ruckus, apparently on his own behalf? I think he probably decided that the best course was to lie back, do good things, protest bad things, perhaps have some back-room strategy sessions, and let the nation's ire and anxiety grow without his "direct" encouragement. Still, as I said, the blandness of his public face, when we are so very exercised, was infuriating at the moment. And the letter did let off some steam.

I hope that I'm right.

11:30 PM  
Blogger cheryl said...

I hope that you're right too. But I have my doubts. There are too many things that he could be screaming about that don't directly reflect on his loss. Why, look at everything that's come out in this week alone.

12:42 AM  
Blogger cheryl said...

P.S. You didn't tell me if you're digging out ok.

12:42 AM  
Blogger Peg C said...

Ah, Cheryl, you're a dear for asking. What hit us was a monumental white rain that has now crusted over and left us "senior" folk with the dilemma of how best to dig out. The man who "plows" us out (quotation marks richly deserved) finally came after dark this evening, cannily figuring that since we didn't know he was coming and couldn't, in any case, get out to move the vehicles, he could get away with a swipe that swamped said vehicles and still charge full rate. This is heavy, crusty stuff. I'm not looking forward to the excavation.

Lucky you in coastal B.C.

1:46 AM  
Blogger cheryl said...

Don't you HATE when that happens?! We spent a couple of years in the BC Interior and the snow plow guy used to do that to us. We'd just get our loooonnng driveway shovelled and along he would come.

Never mind, Spring is coming.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous cheryl said...

Oh Peg,
isn't looking too good.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Peg C said...

Gag... no, it isn't. Well, the crime of war and war crime have infected this country so perniciously that nothing but a massive Progressive excision of the power tumor will stop the metastasis. Kerry's right that, given our present stance in the M.E., we need more troops. He's wrong in tacitly agreeing that we need to stay there to restore stability. All our presence is accomplishing is maintaining hatred and chaos and dehumanizing our own young men and women.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Dennis said...

Please pass this onto as many other people as you can especially on forums where independents can read.

Also put the url on index cards and leave them in your libraries, supermarkets and post office bulletin boards.

How can the people force a mean spirited conservative congress to pass a progressive agenda? Simple. I have picked some well known companies that appear related to issues that progressives find important. Boycott these companies and make them lobby congress and get what we want or they go bust. While I agree we need to elect a Democratic congress and a Democratic president, with a consumer boycott we the people can exert influence every single day and not just at election time and not just with letters or petitions but with petitions with the bite of a boycott.

Join the revolution for progressive legislation

Write this url on your one, five and ten dollar bills.

Call Eckerd Pharmacy Corporate Headquarters at 800 325 3737, Call CVS Pharmacy Corporate headquarters at 888 607 4287 and Call Walgreens Pharmacy Corporate headquarters at 800 289 2273 and tell them you will not purchase any products from their drug stores until they get the Republican congress to repeal the faulty prescription drug benefit and replace it with a simple 80 percent coverage benefit under Medicare Part B. Then sign the petition.

Call Walmart at 800 WALMART and tell them you will not buy from them until they get the Republican congress to stop social security privatization, increase the minimum wage to TEN dollars an hour, and extend unemployment insurance for people who lost jobs and sought work for more than 6 months. then sign the petition.

Sign the petition to stop social security privatization, increase the minimum wage,extend unemployment insurance for people who lost jobs and sought work for more than 6 months and repeal the faulty Republican prescription drug benefit and replace it with a simple 80 percent coverage of medication under Medicare Part B. Please get two other people to sign this petition.

Sign the petition to stop the War and Occupation in Iraq

Boycott Wendy's Restaurants and Outback Steakhouses.

Why you say? Wendy's Restaurants operate out of Dublin, OHIO and Outback Steakhouses operate out of FLORIDA. Now you see. I have picked two well known companies that operate out of the states that have brought us stolen elections by the immoral Republican Party. These companies operate restaurant chains that have restaurants around the United States.

Now why boycott them after the effort to overturn Bush's second stolen election has failed? Boycott them, call them, email them and tell them that we will not go to their restaurants until Ohio and Florida elects democrats to Governorships, Secretaries of state and majorities in their legislatures in Ohio and Florida. In other words we will punish them for allowing the stolen elections to happen in 2000 and 2004. Will it work? Well do it and see.

I had a petition to demand a revote in Ohio and Florida at

but now I use it to allow people to express their opinions on the 2004 and 2000 stolen elections and encourage them to boycott Wendy's and Outback Steakhouse, 2 famously Republican contributors.

Thank you.

Also visit these fine websites

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad you wrote to John Kerry. John Kerry never had b**ls to stand up and fight the election fraud of 2004. John Kerry will go down to history as the most 'pussy cat' Presidential contenders in the history.

~Bando Bling

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm a new arrival to maine since 10/04. Isn't Maine supposed to be democratice? I've seen nothing but bullying and harassment from what appears to be extremely conservative towns.....South Portland in particular? I moved to Maine because of its history of democracy. Well....since my bad decision I've used all of my savings $4000.00 and have been tortured on low-waged positions (career change) which caused health concerns. I am 37 and have 25 years experience dealing with conservative republicans especially of the bible-belt southern sect as well as solely the religious sect. I've overheard conversations, comments etc. After all, some of my most immediate family members are die-hard conservative republicans. A word of advice. Democrats will have to become more firm regarding republican bullying. Boycotts are great if they are designed to capture the attention of the public with FACTS supporting the most MONEY effective way to stop a BULLY. And, that's what they are! Even the "intelligence" of a republican is aligned with the universal definition of a bully. Reasoning with these "people" is out of the question. Also, REACTING to republicans is historical. Most republicans count on it. They create the cause and wait for the effect. Democrats need to stop REACTING while controlling emotions. Republicans are emotional (believe or not). However, the battle is similar to any form of martial arts. The party which stays calm and thinks unemotionally and under pressure will win. Only transparent education, facts, and straightforwardness will defeat the "redneck" agenda in this country. And, that it is! They call themselves the oldest and original ethnic group in America. These are similar colonial ideas during the civilian massacre at 5 points in New York City. They are just as radical as the current global terrorists that Bush is supposed to be "defeating." Funny thing I wonder if most people have noticed. If Bush wanted to "spread" democracy to Iraq, then why wasn't there an Iraqi public vote regarding American invasion FIRST? And, can anyone draw the parallels of conservative republican daily behaviour to the wanted terrorists? It may not be insurgency with bombs, but they seem to have there own unique insurgency. What I am concerned about is the Democratic, Independents, and Republicans behaving similarily to Israel and Palestine? I see some parallels here as well? Democrats need to take an new and smart approach.....even on a daily by one .....starting with ONE PERSON AT A TIME....

Thanks for the space and time....

3:54 AM  

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