Sunday, February 06, 2005

Bill Moyers for President

A member of our group has asked that I post the following letter at this site. It's a good one and an excellent idea!
"We DO know what we are doing. We are stealing their future. Betraying their trust. Despoiling their world. And I ask myself: Why? Is it because we don't care? Because we are greedy? Because we have lost our capacity for outrage, our ability to sustain indignation at injustice? What has happened to our moral imagination?"
~ Bill Moyers [On our grandchildren's future]

July 4, 2005
Dear Bill,
I have a suggestion on how to fill your retirement years. Become President! Become President, give the people a choice and re-create our democray.

A lot of people in this rural, Maine seacoast area believe you are the "Schwartzenegger" that Michael Moore is seeking. In fact, peace communities all over the country are uniting behind you to champion the path of "peace," rather than the path of "security," which leads only to a false-safety maintained by repression and violence. How can we be making America safer by making the world more dangerous?

Who was articulating the voices of the majority of Americans who opposed the war with Iraq shortly before its devastation? Who spoke for the large minority of Americans (40+%) against the war during the time of presidential nominations? Did Kerry, who promised us a better and smarter war, offer a choice to stop killing Iraqis? Did Nader, without bully pulpit, reach the American people with a saner foreign policy? A democracy, without a choice concerning the use of its military, makes a mockery of democracy. We live in a nation where capitalism over-choices us, while democracy gives us no choice at all.

The idea that power requires a sustaining myth in order to perpetuate itself, gives credence to Francis Fukuyama's observation: "The critical weakness that eventually toppled these strong states was in the last analysis a failure of legitimacy -that is, a crisis at the level of ideas." Your mythological understanding gleaned from Joseph Campbell can only advantage you in this realm. You would excel in exposing our current security myths to the delight of Americans who know we are on the wrong path: morally, fiscally, and patriotically, threatening our survival. The myth of bringing peace and harmony to the Middle East by Democratizing Iraq through military means (killing tens of thousands of civilians). The myth that we continue to be the 'Good Guys' while we torture and imprison without legal cause the 'Bad Guys.' The myth we are safer by taking the offensive, taking the battle to them over-there, rather then fight them over-here. Of course, the "them" is the problem.

We beseech you to help us to give Americans a choice and save democracy.

Your name here!


Blogger Peg C said...

Unfortunately, the myth continues. And the Schwarzeneggers continue to prevail. A Robert Redford is a more likely candidate against this prevailing amentality than a Bill Moyers. And so it continues to go...downhill.

This post followed upon a mass-mailing of the following linked Moyers piece.

I like to believe that the world is waking up "together."

2:32 AM  
Blogger pushcat said...

Fat chance of Bill Moyers ever getting the nomination with the democrats thats been in control of the Party. Bill Moyers would be this voters first choice for President. He is a man of principle who doesn't change with the shifting political winds. A highly moral and honest man who believes almost exactly as I do. I'm glad you posted this article thanks.

3:04 AM  

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