Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Comfort Zone: It's "Just" a Theory

Q: What's scarier than a conspiracy theory?
A. No conspiracy theory. Because it means the end of democracy as we thought we knew it.

The thing about theories is that they are generally based upon evidence. As the evidence mounts, the theory becomes more and more plausible/credible/irrefutable. As the evidence comes to be seen as incontrovertible, the closer the theory gets to becoming accepted fact.
Look at the "theory" of evolution or the "theory" of gravity. Both hypotheses have proven out consistently over the years and both have been accepted, with refinements, as proven fact by the "enlightened"...that is to say, the curious, open-minded, educated and thoughtful. And yet...
NOW we have a "theory" of systematic election fraud and disenfranchisement, testified to by tens of thousands of individuals, investigated by some of the bravest people in this country and confirmed by the OVERT illegal actions of election officials. But the media remains mute about it all. It allows the aftermath of a California murder trial to preempt all coverage of an immensely important news day: a day when thousands of protesters demonstrated for truth in elections at their state capitals; when hearings and testimony in Ohio cracked the thin GOP veneer of plausibility; and when every honest democrat (lower case) hoped and prayed for openness and "transparency."
This media blackout is terrifying. It evokes recollections of the Soviet Union under Stalin. It insists that we speculate as to the pressure being brought to bear behind the scenes of the anchor desks...and by whom it is being exerted.
Conspiracy theory, anyone?


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