Sunday, November 20, 2005

Chemical Invasion: Read Up On It!

Has no one noticed the strange, hazy light we have experienced over the past months? Has no one noticed the strange cloud-like lines across the sky? Has no one felt an overbearingf PRESENCE in the atmosphere? We need to investigate the Air Force and the motivation of the US military in general. We are under subversive attack by our own defense forces.

I don't know how to get this message out except by typing. The earth is at risk. Please respond. Google "chem-trails."

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Labels and Calumny

Gee, I'm a Socialist!

I just took this online test and discovered that I am indeed what I have always claimed to be: a socialist. Wow. Big illumination and all that. This is the huge, illuminating, enlightening divulgement of the ever-more-nuanced-and-subtle twenty-first century: that people who care about people are a suspect population.

Good God!!!

Here's the test site. Love yourself, because the system will abandon you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chavez: An Enlightened Hero

People who are giving a lending hand to the poor. That’s the medical doctors we need. We have also started a project called “The Miracle Project,” and we put this project today to be at the disposal of the U.S. If you know someone – tomorrow when you show this broadcast this show and you have people who have eye problems and they cannot afford an eye surgery, please, go to the Venezuelan Consulate in the U.S. Go to the U.S. Embassy in Washington. Go to CITGO. We can guarantee the transportation of these people to Caracas and Havana free, totally free of charge. These people could undergo eye surgery. This year we have conducted close to 100,000 eye surgeries, cataracts. In children, when you do not operate these cataracts, they can go blind, cornea operations, estavism, myopia and many others. You wear glasses and you are writing pretty well, right? If you remove your glasses, you cannot read. It’s going to be difficult. The same thing. I am 51 years old. So I have problems with my eyes. I need glasses. There are people who cannot read because no one has told them that they should wear glasses. They don't have glasses to read – millions of human beings. So we have this plan with Fidel, and we have agreed to do this in the next 10 years, and we have already started, 2005 to 2015, we are going to operate to conduct eye surgery to a million people. 600,000 people per year. That's a miracle surgery. And that includes the U.S. people, especially the poorest of the poor. Help us to help these people who are suffering from eye diseases.

Chavez went on to discuss the tragedy of people who are UNABLE TO READ because they are not enabled to see, (let alone educated).

There is NO solution to humanity's ultimate brick wall but democratic socialism. Thank God for world leaders who recognize this!!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Fallacious Wonderland of Amurkan "Thought"

The defect in American political thinking is the byte-driven perception that facts are episodic. Attention attaches itself to an instance and does not perceive patterns, does not anticipate consequences, NEVER admits to ominous undercurrents of patterned political behavior that flow stealthily but inexorably toward despotism and totalitarianism.

We live from bite to byte in America today, with no historic umbrella of context. Why can not the media perceive that their reporting on NOLA reveals a dark conspiracy? Because it is instance-inhibited and philosophy-challenged. Because it is bound to the particular and not to the aggregate. Because its minions are paid NOT to think in the round. This country is in desperate straits - and we the people, if government has its way, will be the last to know how irrelevant and in-the-way we are.

I have much more to say on this, but will produce THE essay later. In the meantime - blessings upon all thoughtful, loving souls in this benighted land, struggling to bear the weight of TRUTH when it has become so heavy.

I love you all.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Qué sera, sera - Whatever will be, will be ---

I hear that mantra of the fifties in every awful dénoument of the 2000's and cringe. Because it is so PASSIVE. We are an ACTIVE species. We take charge of events when they threaten to overpower us and we DO something about them. We are doing nothing about the criminal conspiracy that is the Bush "administration," and we are criminally complicit in everything from mass murder to felony conspiracy to defraud! Where on earth is our backbone?!!!

I am a mild-mannered citizen of a neutered nation. But I call for rebellion: loud, raucous, stentorion -- perhaps even violent -- rebellion against an administration of greed, aggrandizement and death that seeks to accomplish nothing but ultimate authority over everything and everybody. And the scariest thing? These people are not only soulless but STUPID.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Inert Elements

The shrublet must have grown up in a very different America from the one we thought we were living in. The one where other people had rights too, where law was law, and where trangressors of the law would be punished, no matter who they - or their parents - were. The mini-bush must have absorbed some sense of "noblesse immunité" at his father's knee.

As a small boy, W threw a baseball through an ailing, elderly neighbor's window and his father was agog with admiration for his throwing arm. As a small man, he forces us to witness his willingness to submit the powerless to unending abuse, in the name of his own overweening "superiority." Bush as God - not the redeemer, but the destroyer - the destroyer of all "lesser" beings.

George H.W. Bush - he of dark connections and immunities - has contaminated this nation: with perversion, with murder and with evil designs on power for its own sake. His father taught him well by supporting fascist movements in Europe and profiting by them. We are seeing the poisonous spawn of this cynical, godless philosophy now.

This shrunken individual, this "W," is a "personage" without a persona, an empty shell, an automaton when we are desperately in need of a human being. The Bush clan saw to the elimination of humanity within their ranks. Now...can we, real humanity, eliminate the robotic Bushies without needless bloodshed?

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Al Gore for President in 2008

He was elected President in 2000. He had been my "last best hope" since the '80's. He is still the most passionate advocate for human and environmental decency and responsibility that this blighted country has. I don't subscribe to the "hero" mentality, nor do I have any heroes, but I do clutch fast a faith that a faithful American may be enlisted to save our country and our world.

This is undoubtedly a gross intrusion into dear Mr. Gore's private life. But I would like to implore that he intervene in the totalitarian takeover of our country and raise a stink that will overpower the fascist usurpation of America's checks and balances.